Home Theaters

With years of experience we are able to assist with the entire process of building a home theater. Our expert advice, sales, and installation skills will ensure a great experience all around.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Electrical Contracting

We offer both residential and commercial electrical installation and repair. Whether you are looking to add recessed lighting, or build a new house, we are equipped with the tools and knowledge. We are licensed and insured, and up to date on all new NEC codes.

Control Systems

For your simple one room system, get rid of all your remotes for an easy to use universal remote control.

For more complex housewide type applications, control your system from anywhere in the home with a control or wall mounted iPad.


You know when you watch the news and you can't tell if the robber is male or female, let alone give a description........

Well the cameras we install aren't like that, they are all HD and look like they should.  Some cameras like Visualint offer tracking software in which cameras can talk to one another or offer a monitoring service to ward off would be intruders.

Networking Solutions

Did you know that the Gateways from your provider are intended for a 1000 sq' ranch.  They won't give you the coverage you need, and a basic extender won't do the job properly.

You need an enterprise type setup with high power access points, maybe even an outdoor AP down by the lake.

Lutron Lighting and Shading

Create scenes for lighting such as, "welcome home", or "good night" and create the ambiance of your mood.

We also sell Lutron QS Traithalon Shades for any motorized window treatment your after at an affordable price.